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RAVE GENERATION 💊 160 Raw to 200BPM Frenchcore 😤🔥 3 maanden ago

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By spending whole days in the studio eversince he was a little boy, Thyron has now developed his own signature sound that gained support from the most notorious names in the Hardstyle industry and has made even the biggest crowds scream from excitement.

His recent performances at Intents Festival and Fatality Outdoor and his massive dancefloor hits such as 'How It's Done', 'Murder Me' and 'The New Shit' have already left thousands of fans in awe - and full of excitement for what is yet to come.

Clubs or festivals, no crowd is safe for the energy he unleashes.

With many more performances coming up, including Q-Base and his Australian debut, Thyron has started a new chapter and is now more than ready to claim his way to the top!